Kayan United Real Estate Company provides multiple real estate services like:

  • Real estate trade: choosing and targeting real estates and special grounds on viral locations which accommodates client needs.
  • Managing properties: managing client properties and real estates for rent, maintenance or collecting rent… etc.
  • Buildings and real estate maintenance.
  • Real estate development: developing viral real estate projects inside or outside Kuwait.
  • Real estate consulting services: organizing real estate studies and the researches that depend on international basics and standards.
  • Rent land Development,OperatingProduct (BOT): The company provides this service for the private sector and individuals Where the companyrent the land to build property to development and operating and investment within a period agreed with the owner of land, At the end of the period is the transfer of ownership of the property to the owner of the land and It is rented by the companythrough the Mentioned period only
  • Purchase rent in Product: The company agrees with the property owner to rent the property it within period agree in contract between the company and property owner because to investment and management the property by the company, These include service all Real estate units and Investment flats.
  • Chairman Message

    Gentlemen, contributors and clients.
    Peace, mercy and blessings of God.
    On behalf of my colleagues and board of directors, it’s my pleasure to express our appreciation and gratitude for your confidence and support that pushes and stimulates us to make our best efforts to achieve the company’s goals and strategy, as it is my pleasure to welcome you to our new web site.

    Mishal Abdulla Al Mussalam